The Enders

by The Enders

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released March 11, 2010



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The Enders Lafayette, Indiana

Formed in 2009 in a midwestern basement, The Enders play hardcore-flavored punk rock, or punk rock-flavored hardcore, depending on who you ask.

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Track Name: Role Model
Don't follow me
Cause this is not the way
don't ask me anything
cause I feel like lies today

I'm not the one, I'm not the one
Who's gonna be the one you want to lead
I'm not the one, I'm not the one
I'm not the one to be your role model

Don't trust this smile
cause I'm not your friend
but I'll see this whole charade
right through the bitter end


I won't play along
with games you wanna play
So don't talk to me
I won't listen to a thing you say

Track Name: Martyr
I turn my back on the reverie
don't want a fuckin' parade to see
the reminiscence and memories
aren't convincing me
an exercise in mendacity
in you is all that I'll ever see
despite the claims of alacrity
I could see through it all

You used to be a martyr
now you're just a fucking ghost
You used to be a martyr
now you're a second-rate footnote at most

Your life was the stuff of a fevered dream
but nothing was ever what it seemed
they took your spots and scrubbed them clean
but they all left their shadows
A shining light that would blind their eyes
nobody wanted to face the lies
but the longer it gets from the day you died
more stains will resurface

Track Name: Split Decision
Takin another breath or another step
it's just another way to fall
takin' on everything and the price it brings
for your chance to see it all
fallin' right in step with all the things you swore you'd never be
throwing away integrity

and you'll be, and you'll be, and you'll be
fallin' down, fallin' down
will you ever beat the count
will you rise to your knees
will you stand
be a man
take your future in your hands
if you don't all you can hope for
is a split decision

You never give your all and so you fall
and you just lie there and bleed
goin' down for the count and you're counted out
and you're counted obsolete
fallin' away from all the things you swore you always wanna be
turnin' your back on all your dreams


Track Name: What If I?
What if I never took a rest
If I never settled down or took a breather
Would I ever be the best
Would it ever be enough
If I bristled in the face of adversity
And always played it tough

What if I took the high road now
What if I stood and showed them how
What if I resolved to not back down
What if I what if I what if I what if I
What if did the best I can
What if I made a firm demand
What if I stood and made my stand
What if I what if I what if I what if I
What if I
What if I

What if I gave another try
If I picked myself up and dusted off
Do you think I'd ever fly
Would I be a bigger man
If I beat and choked the life out of challenges
With bare and fisted hands

Track Name: Inkblot
Take the day
before it turns and takes you down
Find a way
to send your enemies to ground

Never fall
for anything that they tell you
a pound of lies
buried in an ounce of truth

Even in the face of Armageddon
I will not compromise in this
will not compromise in this
will not compromise in this
will not compromise
I will not compromise
I will not compromise in this

everything is black and white
crush the wrong until it dies